SNEF Technology

The stakes

Supporting the management team of a Business Unit of the SNEF Group with a view to its potential spinoff, while remaining in the group. Strong growth and a broadening of the scope of consolidation gave rise to a variety of challenges:

  • The cohesion of the management core with the arrival of new members on the management team,
  • The strategic vision of positioning on the market and within the SNEF Group,
  • The strengthening of the marketing and sales function,
  • A better claim to belonging to the Group for more synergies,
  • A strengthening of managerial skills.

Scope of intervention

  • Management team
  • Development of the strategic plan, vision and roadmap
  • Accompaniment and piloting of the implementation


  • A full diagnosis of the situation
  • Competitive analysis, positioning, attractiveness, value propositions
  • A detailed analysis of offers and charts of accounts
  • The definition and implementation of a qualified operational action plan with specific deadlines
  • An analysis of internal/external communication means and recommendations to ensure consistency.
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